Andy Timmons / Mesa/Boogie U.S. Clinic Tour – August 2010

Meet Texas Guitar Great, Tone Master & Favored Nations Recording Artist, ANDY TIMMONS, as he performs at the following locations in a rare, informational clinic setting. Featuring music from his latest Favored Nations release, RESOLUTION (DVD release, RESOLUTION LIVE) and critically acclaimed debut release, ear X-tasy. Plus as a very special bonus, you’ll be the first to hear some new material off his highly anticipated upcoming release, ANDY TIMMONS BAND PLAYS SGT. PEPPER. This is Andy’s epic new trio rendering of the legendary Beatles, Sgt. Pepper record, arranged and performed as you’ve never heard or imagined and only possible by one of the world’s most remarkable musicians! Andy has truly created a “masterpiece of a masterpiece” that every Beatles and ATB fan will be anxious to add to their collection, which you’ll be able to say you were among the first to see and hear him perform some of it live!

Andy will also share his secrets for getting amazing tone, featuring his favorite amps and cabs, the Mesa Lone Star, Stiletto Deuce II and TransAtlantic, mated with the legendary Mesa Rectifier and Lone Star cabinets. Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of the world’s most incredible players perform up-close and personal and find out how you can improve your tone!

Players such as Eric Johnson, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have invited Andy to perform with them – Come to any of these events and you’ll quickly understand why….

Admission is free, sponsored by Mesa/Boogie and your local Mesa/Boogie Dealer. Admission/Seating is limited and will go fast so make your plans to attend today! Don’t miss it!!!

Aug. 3rd 7pm Willis Music Louisville, KY

Aug. 4th 7pm Owensboro Music Owensboro , KY

Aug. 5th 6:30pm Moore Music Evansville, IN

Aug. 6th 7pm Tom Picketts Music Colombus, OH

Aug 9th 7pm Northridge Music Citrus Heights, CA

Aug. 10th 7pm Hertlein Guitars Dublin, CA

Aug. 11th 7pm Spitzers Sound Stage Fresno, CA

Aug. 12th 7:30pm Union Grove Music Santa Cruz, CA

Aug. 13th 7pm Guitar Trader San Diego, CA

More dates coming soon!!!

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